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I'm an amateur 'snapshot-styled' photographer that started with an Olympus D-360 1.3-MP digital mostly for documenting work-related equipment items. In 2005, a visit to Lake Silverwood to expose my wife, Di, to the experience of seeing Bald Eagles first-hand in the wild also gave me the itch to get some images of Bald Eagles and other Raptors. Thus, in Nov-2005, I purchased my Panasonic FZ5, a 5-MP 'superzoom' digital and began my quest. Progressing to a perceived need for a better digital system for even higher quality images, I purchased my Pany FZ-30 superzoom and soon after, my Nikon D50 dSLR in the summer of 2006. In December-2012, I opted to upgrade to a more robust model, a Nikon D5100... BIG improvement all around!

I hope your visit to my galleries are as enjoyable as my experiences have been in taking the images. If so, please take the time to add comments as you might feel appropriate...

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